Dog Training In Home Prices

Dog Training In Home Prices

Estimated cost of hiring a professional trainer for Dog Training In Home

If you are looking to adopt or buy a pet dog, besides medical check-ups, daily diet and other maintenance costs consider dog training as well. Owners who fail to train dogs themselves and do not choose to hire the services of a professional are left with unruly dogs who can get completely out of hand and be a menace not just to owners but to the society in general and often ends up in the pound. Dog Training In Home is an excellent way of training the dog since the dog wouldn’t have to be moved away from the environment he is familiar with and would be able to relate to his training commands better.

Dog Training In Home prices cost vary according to different regions of the country. The prices also vary from one agency to the other. We have come across agencies which offer their services for as low a rate as $10 for an hour of training while others may charge as high as $300 per session. A reasonable rate for an hour long session is generally estimated to be around $125-$175. Most big agencies have offices in different cities, either within the same metropolitan area or even in different states and for each area they have a designated professional who would come to your house to train your pet. Some agencies may also offer a free trial session, although one training session is usually not enough to see whether the dog is responding to the training or not.

The services included in the package for Dog Training In Home prices cost include the following:

  • Problem solving – This technique ensures the problems which arise due to miscommunication or non-communication between the dog and his owner are solved. Some such problems include continuous barking, whining and chewing on random stuff. These are usually signs that the dog is trying to convey something but is unable to do so.
  • Behavior modification – Untrained dogs share several common characteristics which seem to be inherent to the general nature of dogs. These include jumping up on humans, aggression towards other animals and using the house as bathroom. During training sessions, the dog is taught the correct way to behave in and around people and other animals.
  • Obedience training – An obedient dog learns to follow basic commands like sit, stay, roll over etc. and comes when called.

The training methods differ according to what the professional is trained in. However, we ensure that all methods are humane and kind which focus on imparting training through understanding of body language and voice modulation. The methods are AKC Star approved and are of CGC standard and the dog trainers are certified professionals. Call for a free consultation any time you want and we will be happy to help you with our professional expertise.

The Dog Training In Home prices cost are as low as $125 for one session and $325 for three sessions. However, these charges are only for residential areas falling within 25 mile radius from our location. For every mile outside this radius, an extra .50 cents are charged. We believe in giving all our customers value for money and therefore we also include one group training session for the dog apart from the three private sessions. The group training session is a great way to check the dog’s behavior towards other dogs and to help him socialize.  Contact Us Today For Free Consultation.