You will want your dog to be happy, well-balanced, sociable, and healthy. At Sandlot K9, we can provide the behavior training that your dog needs to accomplish all of those things. The behavior training programs we provide cover a variety of areas, including:

Our programs teach your dog how to control overexcitement through commands, as well as how to control their aggression with you, other humans, or other animals. We also teach you how to be a leader, so you can command your dog to obey.

We use positive reinforcement when training the dogs at our facility. You must remember that dogs do not disobey for fun, they do this because they have not been taught to do otherwise. It is an instinct for most dogs to dig, or chew things, and to jump up. When your dog receives attention, regardless if it is negative or positive, this does not help them stop with these behavioral issues. The only way to truly help your dog obey is to enroll him in a behavior training program that is operated by a professional team of dog trainers, such as those at Sandlot K9.

Remember that dogs are always eager to learn, and you should make sure they receive all the training they can get. When your dog receives proper behavior training, her life will improve, and the bond that you share with your dog will enhance. You are also ensuring her safety when you get her the behavior training that she needs. Dogs need to understand why they must communicate with – and obey – their owners, and through our behavior training programs, we can help your dog do just that.

To learn more about the behavior training programs at Sandlot K9, and the techniques that we use, contact us! We can help put a stop to the aggression, chewing, leashing pulling, jumping, and other behavioral issues that your dog may have.  We also offer private in home training for your dog or a location of your choice.


Group Class Training Rates:

$30 per single class

$100 for 4 classes

  • Group Class Training Sessions are held at one of our location.  Please call for the latest location and time.