Dog Day Care & Boarding

Dog Day Care and Boarding

There are many people who love their dogs, but just cannot give them enough time for company. People need to go to work and have various other schedules and appointments to attend to and dogs are usually left neglected in the house. This has led to a lot of guilt being developed in people as they are aware that a dog requires more attention.

Thankfully, today there exist various options which offer boarding, kennels and day care for dogs. This can take a load off people’s minds and they can be rest assured that their dogs are enjoying good company while they are away attending to other work.

Our Day Care and Boarding services include overnight stay, grooming and other training services. The environment that we provide your dogs is completely healthy, safe and playful and we take a lot of care that your dog receives the best attention possible. This changes the temperament of the dogs and keeps them happy and loved.

We accept all major breeds of dogs to be included in our day care or boarding. This is provided that the dogs are not of too bad a temperament and that they are not deemed to be problem creators. We also accept shy and anti-social types of dogs. Dogs which are not sprayed or neutered are also allowed, but owners must sign a waiver of responsibility in case problems arise.

Immunization and vaccination of the dogs will have to be provided by owners themselves. It must also be ensured that the dogs have received all necessary shots for diseases and sicknesses. A record of these shots and also records of the veterinarian will need to be provided. Virus affecting diseases can easily pass through kennels and we must ensure that we do not admit in a dog which renders every other dog ill.

If female dogs are in heat, we keep them in a different area from the others, while ensuring that they receive proper care.

Your dogs should be identifiable with the help of leashes or collars. An attendant will take care of the getting everything to you once you come to collect the dog. It is also ensured that a staff attendant will have supervision on the dog at all times while it is at our care.

While we provide dogs with kennels and water, you must make sure to feed your dogs before availing of our services. We offer kennels of various sizes and also have large gates and fencing around them. Kennels are also equipped with water and bowls for food. The environment is completely safe and healthy for your dog to be in and the facility is also maintained at a temperature suitable for the dogs to live in.

Our services will ensure that when you pick up your dog, it will be tired but really happy. Dogs require a lot of attention and our services provide just that. If you are someone who has been contemplating on day care or boarding services, make sure to contact us at the earliest.