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 Why you need in home training for your dog?

The need for a good dog trainer cannot be emphasized more than by saying that if you do not want your pet to turn dangerous, you must train him. A dog who misbehaves and pays no heed to the commands of his owners is potentially dangerous to outsiders as well as to the members of the family. However, most breeds of dogs are quite intelligent and if they are trained at a young age, they will learn to do what is expected of them. By nature, dogs have been known to crave praises and affection and are eager to please their owners.

Dog training in your home is possibly the most ideal way of training your pet dog. The reason behind this is that it is always best to train the dog in the environment that he has to spend his life in i.e. in a home and amongst family. This way, it is easier for the dog to associate all the things he learned during the training with the normal environment after the training session is complete. Also, dogs are known to be quite sensitive animals and they may suffer mental depression if they are sent away from home for hours at a time. This will be avoided if you engage services of a professional for dog training in your home. Some other aspects which in home training generally covers are as follows:

  • Controlling display of aggression – While some breeds of dogs are mild tempered, most others tend to display aggression towards outsiders including strange animals. The trainer will teach the dog how to display aggression only towards suspicious invaders and not towards everyone in general.
  • Training to get rid of traits like incessant barking, whining, chewing, digging and jumping on each and every person who comes in at the door.
  • Basic dog obedience commands like sit, stay, shake, come, walk, roll over etc. which are essential for the dog to follow in order to make him a well behaved dog.
  • Setting a perimeter– The dog is also trained to understand the area within which he is permitted to walk, run or play. This can only be taught through in home training and is essential to prevent the dog from chasing after cars.
  • Socializing – Some breeds of dogs may be naturally wary and unfriendly towards other animals or humans while other breeds may be shy and introvert. It is important to socialize these dogs at a young age, an activity which will have to be started by the trainer and continued by the owners after the training is over.

Dog training in your home is an essential exercise to maintain the health and happiness of your pet dog so that he lives a happy life. At the same time, you will have an obedient pet who will give you more joy through his antics than cause for worry through destructive behavior. The training is provided by our certified AKC CGC dog trainers and the methods used are approved behavior modification techniques without the use of harsh words or punishments. Each dog training session is also customized by us depending on the breed of the dog, energy levels and natural tendency to follow commands.

Local veterinarians, breeders, animal shelters, and even dog trainers recommend Sandlot K9 Private In-Home Dog Training.  The fact that we are able to go into your home, providing humane, completely natural methods to train your dog, makes this training program highly successful.  As we come to where you and your dog are, we are able to create a custom plan for puppy or adult dog training that takes into consideration your dog’s temperament, personality, and energy level.  The newest scientifically based protocols for dog training are utilized to determine the best way to work with your dog.

Your dog is an important part of your family, with some proper instructions all dogs can be trained.  Your dog will be with you for at least 10+ years and a small investment will ensure you get the proper instructions on how to properly communicate with your new family member.  We can create a custom training program based on your needs.
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