Join Our Team

All pets deserve a home, and those pets currently living in a great home deserve to be properly trained. Through the training programs available at Sandlot K9, we partner with many organizations to make sure those dogs living in a local shelter or specialty program are given the training they need to secure adoption into a loving home. We also provide dog training programs for many owners who want to get their pet the training he needs. If you are a dog trainer, or you own a dog training business, you could join our team to expand your business, or use your dog training skills to work for a great dog training service provider – Sandlot K9.

We have a set of philosophies that we use when training the dogs at our facility, and we are looking to join forces with other dog service providers in other cities, states, and countries that practice those same philosophies. At Sandlot K9, we use positive reinforcement with our dog training services, and individuals who do the same are welcome to join our team. If you want to learn more about joining our team, please contact us. You can also receive referrals in your area when you join the Sandlot K9 team.

Interested in Starting Your Own Dog Training Business?

If you need assistance starting your own dog training business, we can help. We will help you develop the skills necessary to become a professional dog trainer. Although we are always open to adding more individuals to our team, we only work with those individuals who have the same passion about training dogs that the professional dog trainers at Sandlot K9 have. We will help you start a business that represents the same dog training policies, programs, and techniques that we employ at Sandlot K9. Making sure the dog is treated well, while learning about good temperament and other behavioral areas, is our top priority.

If you agree, give Sandlot K9 a call today. We can help you develop this passion and become a professional dog trainer; we can also help you start your own dog training business!