Each year, more and more dogs are sent to shelters or rescue programs for a variety of reasons. Some of these dogs are lost, and unfortunately, they are never found by their owners. Other pets are let go due to their owner’s negligence. Regardless of why these dogs are sent to animal shelters, or wind up in pet rescue programs, you will want to do your best to make sure that these dogs are given a real chance to secure a good home when people come into these shelters and facilities seeking a pet.

Sandlot K9 has been providing dog training to many pet owners for years, and we have partnered with a number of pet shelters and rescue programs within the area to help provide dogs with the training they need to possibly be adopted, as well as the training they need to interact well with humans, and other dogs within the shelters.

These animals could make great therapy or service dogs, which is why we have therapy and service dog training programs available, in addition to our dog behavior training programs. Some of our training programs help with:


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If you are a local shelter that needs dog training assistance, please contact Sandlot K9. We will partner with you to make sure these dogs receive the behavioral training they need to improve their chances of being adopted by a great family. We will also help promote the dogs in your shelter or specialty program in our facility, and on our website, which could increase their chances of being adopted as well.

If you are looking for a dog to rescue from one of these shelters or programs, please visit the partner websites that we have listed. You can find a variety of dogs that have been properly trained, and deserve a loving environment that they can call home. These dogs would be a great addition to any family!

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