Behavior Training

Dog Behavior Training

Simple yet effective training techniques used by us for dog behavior training

A pet dog is just like a small child who has to be taught basic manners and norms of behavior to turn him into an adorable and obedient dog. Just like small children can get unruly and disobedient if their parents do not instil the traits of basic manners in them at a young age, the same happens with a pet dog. It becomes all the more necessary to get your dog behavior training, as an untrained dog may by potentially dangerous and will definitely have destructive tendencies.

Some of the most common bad behavior traits which we have observed in untrained dogs are listed below:

  • Aggression towards other house pets or animals from outside.
  • Destructive behavior usually identified by excessive dog chewing on household items.
  • Using the house as bathroom and refusing to respond to toilet training.
  • Excessive dog barking which can be quite a nuisance.
  • Excessive dog digging tendencies in some breeds of dogs.
  • Hyperactivity and uncomfortably friendly greeting to anyone who comes in the house by jumping on them.

There are different techniques of dealing with such behavioral issues. We must keep in mind that perfect obedience can only be obtained when the owner too makes efforts and follows the instruction of the trainer. The first step to solving any of the above listed problems is to understand the root cause behind such behavior. For example, if the dog is barking excessively, then why is he doing so? Is it because he wants to catch your attention or because he is bored? According to the reason behind the behavior, different techniques are used by our trainers. Here is a brief look at some of the ways in which we impart dog behavior training:

  • Excessive barking – We believe that if a dog is barking to only get your attention, it should not be tolerated. Instead of rewarding him with attention, you can wait till he calms down on his own or send him to a secluded area before petting him so that he realizes that barking is not the right way to catch your attention.
  • Aggressive behavior – More often than not, aggressive behavior is caused if the dog is not getting enough exercise. You may consult us if you are unsure about the amount of exercise your dog requires and we will be happy to help.
  • Jumping up – Training your dog to prevent him from jumping on you whenever he greets you can be slightly tricky. We have a three step strategy which is scientifically proven to be very effective for dog behavior training in this respect which does not involve harsh words but only develops an understanding between the dog and the owner.
  • Digging – Often dogs dig up the yard just for entertainment if they are bored or if they are hunting for prey. It is difficult to prevent the dog from doing this as it is in their basic nature. However, through our years of experience, we have developed certain techniques which will deter a dog away from digging and towards more constructive activities for his entertainment.
  • Chewing – This is another basic instinct of dogs and is difficult to take away from them. However, a professional trainer can make the dog understand that he needs to chew only certain stuff like toys so that he stays away from furniture and rugs.
  • Leash Pulling
  • Separation Anxiety

Group Class Training Rates:

$30 per single class

$100 for 4 classes

  • Group Class Training Sessions are held at one of our location.  Please call for the latest location and time.