Getting the Digging Under Control

Your dogs will do a lot of things in their lifespan, and digging holes is one. You can keep your dog indoors just to prevent him from digging, but that is not recommended. We at Sandlot K9 have a variety of dog training programs for you and your pet to take in order to handle various issues, including digging.

The reasons that your dog may dig holes could vary. Some dogs dig for:

  • Entertainment
  • To Escape
  • Seeking Attention
  • Hunting Prey
  • Seeking Protection

Regardless of why your dog digs, it is your job as a pet owner to keep him from digging as much as possible. This may not be as simple of a task as it sounds, but the professionals at Sandlot K9 can do it for you with ease. We know how to understand the psychology of your dog, which allows us to develop techniques – and alternatives – to keep your dog from digging up your yard. If your dog is hunting prey, we have suggestions for you to use that can prevent this from happening. Perhaps you can fence out borrowing animals – in a safe and humane way.

It is beneficial for you to take training classes with your pet, so we can teach you methods to communicate with your dog, and techniques you can use to get her mind off of digging. If we come to the conclusion that your dog is digging for entertainment, we will teach you games and tricks that you can do to increase her “people” time.

It is never a good idea to punish dogs for digging; you should always remember that. Instead, contact Sandlot K9 to get your dog the professional training that he deserves. We can help your dog with this behavioral issue, and many more.

There are a variety of methods you can try on your own, but it is best to seek advice from a professional. Sandlot K9 is the right professional for the training job! Call us today to learn more, and get your dog the training she needs!

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