Jumping Up

Jumping on a person is inappropriate, but your dog may not know that. She could jump because she is happy, or she wants to be eye-level with you or another individual. Regardless of why your dog jumps, she has to be taught that it is an unacceptable behavioral issue. Training your dog not to jump on people and things can be a difficult task, but Sandlot K9 is available to help you with this task.

At Sandlot K9, we take training dogs on behavioral issues very seriously. We have the skilled staff that knows how to find out the scientific reason why your dog is having this issue, and we can develop a solution by using our three-step strategy. Once we learn what is in your dog’s psyche that is causing him to constantly jump on you or objects, we can develop a training strategy for him. Even during training, your dog will receive affection, which is an important part of our three-step strategy.

It is never a good idea to greet your dog unless her paws are on the floor. If your dog jumps on you, do not make eye contact; instead, look above her, but never directly at her. You never want to yell at your dog, or push her off of you. You will need to turn away from your dog; this will cause your dog to place her paws on the ground, and move her body so she can see your face. When you know that your dog’s paws are back on the floor, you can then pet her, and show her affection.

That is one of the many ways you can train your dog alone, but sometimes, that is easier said than done. This strategy will work better with other techniques that are taught in dog training, which you have the option of participating in. Sandlot K9 performs different training exercises that keep your dog from jumping up. We will give you additional tips to use at home as well.

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