Keeping the Barking Under Control

In a perfect world, dogs would avoid doing the things that can grate on their owners’ nerves, but this is not a perfect world. Barking is one of those behavioral things that you may want to keep under control, but you have no idea where to begin. Luckily for you, Sandlot K9 can help. We are your one-stop-shop for reliable dog training solutions.

Before you can stop your dog from barking, you will need to understand the many reasons that he may be barking in the first place. Sandlot K9 believes that pet owners need to truly understand their pets before they can discipline them, which is why we have developed techniques and programs that can help you keep your dogs well tempered, and eliminate some behavioral problems, such as barking.  Some of the reasons why dog bark

  •  To get your attention.
  • To express dominance.
  • To burn off excess energy.
  • To announce control over territory.
  • To alert you to a threat.
  • When dogs are happy or playful, they’ll bark out of fun and excitement.
  • To say “hello” to a friend, or to say “go away” to a stranger.
  • To attract attention from the pack or an outsider.
  • To complain about being alone in a house or a yard.
  • Just to hear themselves bark to relieve boredom.

Dog psychology is extremely important. Your dog could be barking for many reasons, such as medical issues, intruders on the premise, separation anxiety, or territorial issues. Make sure you make a note of the times that your dog barks, which will help us get a better understanding of why she is barking in the first place. We do not believe in rewarding attention barking, so rest assured that when you enroll in a training program at Sandlot K9 that will not be tolerated.

There are many techniques we will try out to help keep your dog’s barking under control. With separation anxiety, we teach you how not to reward your dog’s excited behavior once you come home; however, when he calms down, you can pet him. When dogs are territorial, send them to secluded areas of the home, but not before telling the dog to calm down. He will then understand why he is being sent to the room. There are a variety of techniques we explore, and you can learn more about them all when you contact Sandlot K9.

Dog barking affects not only owners; it can affect your neighbors and others who have to endure this behavioral issue that your dog is having. Learn more about helping your dog control her barking, and other issues that your pet needs assistance with. Sandlot K9 is here to teach your pets how to be well mannered, and how to keep the barking under control!

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