Hi, my name is David and we adopted Faith as a service dog. She was given up and had no prior training whatsoever. When we adopted her she was dog aggressive towards other dogs by playing very rough. We got her from a family that couldn't take care of her anymore and she didn't have any training or socialization for the first 6 months of her life. Since we took her in, she was already very aggressive towards other animals. She would pull on walks and lung and bark none stop towards any dogs or cats that she sees on the street. We took her to other professional trainers for about 3 months to resolve this issue. She was good for a week after we got her back from the other trainers but she was right back to the way she was again. We try buying videos and follow all sorts of advice from forums etc but none of it really worked. Then I called Andrew with Sandlot for the first session and they immediately taught me how to read the signs for aggression and how to correct her before she becomes aggressive. This made such a difference and immediately after the first session I was more confident in handling her in public and around other animals. I've learned that certain breeds like German Shepherds requires a different kind of training that your typical Petsmart obedience training cannot solve. I'm very grateful for their training and still training with Andrew on a regular basis for advanced obedience training and AKC CGC training. She is doing great around other dogs and children and plays calmly. Thank you Sandlotk9.
David, Orange County
Hello everyone, my name is Vicky, I had a very dog aggressive Pitbull named ICE. I first adopted him Long Beach Animal Care Services, and he was great with other dogs until he got attacked by a German Shepherd, after that he hated all dogs of any size. I called Sandlot K9 because one I am leaving for Military training soon and I wanted to get some problems taken care of so I don’t have to worry what’s happening while I am away for several months and I didn’t know what else to do. Dogs trainers now of days are all about the money. $300 for this, $200 for that, then finally I found Sandlot K9. I love Sandlot K9 because they care about the dogs and owners. We started on August 1st, 2013 and there have been major improvements. They told me that his aggression was crazy, and it can be fixed. The first two lessons where hard with him because he tried his hardest to fight back against us, to go after the other dogs, but after that he realized the dogs are not doing anything to him, besides barking or moving. We can get close to other dogs and ICE will just relax around them. I have so much more confidence now, finally I can take him to places without worrying so much on how he would react, because I know that I have the knowledge on how to handle him and what I have to do if he tries to go back to his old ways. They teach you step by step, they show you first how to do it, then the owners take over. One thing I love about Sandlot K9 is that they do not rush owner or the pets we take our time. It’s not like a regular training class where everyone doesn’t talk to each other, everyone who attends becomes like an extended family, we help each other out. Sandlot K9 has been a great blessing to my prayers. I don’t have constant stress or worries. I look forward to every class and see/learning new things. Even when I come back from my military training I plan on returning to keep going with ICE to keep improving.
Vicky, Long Beach, CA
A nervous and lack of confidence dog; once after going through training with SandlotK9 has broke out of his shell and now is walking and running all over the world has to offer for him. Their training is very straight to the point and effective. You will literally see positive results in a couple days. Leash walking alone for my dog, Shadow, was effective the same day! IN LESS THAN 15MINS! My dog and i are a living testimony on how well Sandlotk9 can train a dog. Shadow has recently finished his basic obedience training and he is also looking forward for new tricks as we go on their complete training program. The staff just don't sit and look pretty, they will personally get hands on with your dog if thats what it takes to achieve it! You are the trainer, they are the coach. Listen to them and you will have one happy trained dog! Personality wise with these guys, i couldn't ask for a much more friendly and down to earth people. Very easy to talk to. For those of you reading this, and feel a bit skeptical about enrolling your dog in their training program. I say GO FOR IT! leave your skeptic feeling behind and experience the wonders and great dog training these guys has to offer. This is Charles and Jessica testifying on the great work ANDREW and DEVELL has done! THANKS GUYS!
Charles and Jessica, Bellflower, CA
Hi, my name is Laura and I am a live in caregiver for my elderly parents. My dad has prostate cancer and my mom is a 4 time cancer survivor who is now in the final stage of kidney failure. My parents have never been animal lovers, and I am just the opposite. About a year ago I brought home a new dog...a pit bull! Of course this didn't go over well with my parents as to them (and so many others) this breed is nothing but trouble. Everything I had ever heard about the breed made me a little worried at first too. I decided that I needed to learn as much as I could about the breed that is so often misunderstood. Also, living with my elderly parents made it even more important for this dog to be well behaved and well trained. This is when I came in contact with Andrew and Devell of Sandlot k9 Services It wasn't long before Shiloh and I were members of team sandlot! These guys are wonderful! They are patient and caring and Shiloh loves them too! I would recommend them to any dog owner! They don't train my dog, but rather, teach me to train her. They are always there to answer my questions or talk me through my concerns. Through Andrew and Devell I am learning everything I can about the breed and being a responsible pet owner.
Laura Lopez, Long Beach, Ca
I first discovered Sandlot K9 on Instagram a little over a year ago. I instantly fell in love with the dogs and the program and decided to get a puppy from them. She is with out a doubt the smartest dog I have ever owned picks up new skills daily and has the most intense focus and ability to learn quickly. I recently took Harlow down to Long Beach, CA to Sandlot K9 Services for two weeks board and train they took amazing care of her and gave her that next level of obedience that she needed and she excels everyday. I have had the pleasure to watch a few of their obedience and protection training classes it's incredible how easily and efficiently they can work with the dogs and change behaviors almost instantly. Very gifted trainers I would recommend them to anyone because I know they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! They also help rescue and adopt out dogs in need of homes. If you are looking for experts on Anerican Pitbull Terriers look no further! i have learned so much from them this past year! I hope to attend many more classes in the future. TeamSandlot for life. - See more at: http://sandlotk9.com/testimonials/#sthash.5nU17xUF.dpuf
Ashley Johnson, Reno, NV
Been through 2 other trainers in my area, i didnt know what to expect from Sandlot K9. But I wanted to try because they recently expanded from Los Angeles to San Diego, after just 1 session with them i was blown away about how they really know their training methods why it works vs other methods, they even gave me the option for any method I wanted to use and they'll explain which one they like and why!
Kevin, San Diego, CA

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