Pitbull Training

Pitbull training is one of the most important responsibilities you will have as a dog owner, and Sandlot K9 is here to help. We have a variety of programs available, including pitbull training. Although we offer programs for adult dogs and puppies, it is a good idea to get your dog pitbull training early on. When your pitbull receives training as a puppy, the training he learned will continue on as he matures over the year


Pitbulls are intelligent animals that are always eager to learn; therefore, getting pitbull training for your puppy will help him become properly socialized. The most important component of our pitbull training is socialization. This is true for all breeds of dogs. At Sandlot K9, we will help your pitbull become familiar with being handled, and how to become comfortable with being in contact with children, other pets, animals, and a variety of new situations. Obtaining early socialization for pets should be a priority for all dog owners.

Behavioral Issues

All dogs have specific behavioral traits that will vary with each breed. The most common behavioral issue that all dogs have is human aggression. It is a natural instinct to protect the home and other territorial areas for most dogs, but this is a characteristic that needs to be controlled, and we can help through our pitbull training programs.

Some of the pitbull training programs we offer at Sandlot K9 include:


Proper training can help your dog learn how to control a behavioral issue, and keep it from causing more issues. For instance, pitbulls are very devoted and loving dogs, who often crave a lot of attention, which is why you will need to get your pet separation anxiety training. Separation anxiety could cause your pitbull to chew on furniture, shoes, and other household items while you are away. This is how one behavioral issue could cause another issue, but with the proper pittbull training, your dog can learn how to behave while you are home, and while you are away.

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