Therapy Dog Training

Your pet may put the widest smile on your face day-after-day, but she could also put that smile on someone else’s face – someone who will truly enjoy a visit from your pet. This could be a child who is having issues learning, or an elderly person who is currently living in a retirement home. This is known as having a therapy dog. Sharing your pet with these individuals is not only helping them, but it is giving you an opportunity to enjoy your pet, while putting a smile on another person’s face at the same time.

Before you can allow your pet to be a therapy dog, there is therapy dog training that he will need. Sandlot K9 is the perfect service to use when you want to get your pet the therapy dog training that he needs. This training could help your dog be transformed into one of the best therapy dogs. When you allow your pet to visit people, those individuals could be healed, just by spending time with your pet.

How can my Pet Help?

Your pet could do a great deal for children, elderly, or sick individuals. For instance, with the proper therapy dog training, your pet could help to improve the studying, reading, and learning capabilities of a child, which is why many schools are enlisting the help of therapy dogs within their educational programs.

Therapy dog training could allow your pet to help out in many other settings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • and private programs…

The affection that your therapy dog provides to the individuals in these facilities could be just the healing that they need to improve their everyday life – all thanks to your pet.

Therapy Dog Certification

Before your pet can become a therapy dog, she will need to be certified. There is paperwork you must fill out, and requirements that your dog will need to meet. Sandlot K9 offers therapy dog training programs to help your dog meet those requirements. After your dog has completed our therapy dog training program, you can continue the process necessary for certification. Regular health checks, a dog evaluation, and filling out more paperwork will be necessary before the therapy dog certificate is issued.

To learn more about the therapy dog training at Sandlot K9, please give us a call today. This training could help put a smile on someone’s face, while healing them at the same time!

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