Dog Boarding

Sandlot K9 offers a very loving and caring alternative to your dogs who spend lonely time at home when you are away at work or vacation. We provide a wide range of dog boarding. This includes:

  • Day Care
  • Short Term Care
  • Long Term Care
  • Doggy Boot Camp
  • Round The Clock Care
  • Vacation Boarding
  • Holiday Boarding
  • Dog Boarding and Training Available
  • Pickup and drop off is available upon request.

At our friendly boarding center, we ensure that all the individual and social requirements of your pet are met in the best possible manner. A wide range of daily activities are conducted to achieve this objective. The activities include playtime, grooming, basic or advanced training along with a few relaxation sessions. Our boarding facility allows you to leave your pets in an absolute caring and loving environments, so you do not worry about their well being while carrying on with your routine tasks.

We strongly believe that physical activities are what keep a dog active and in a fresh state of mind. Sandlot K9’s playing activities keep your dog’s mind occupied and distracted from destructive forms of behavior such as biting, excessive barking, chewing, jumping, etc. These activities also let them calm down their nerves, which is usually due to separation anxiety. Our highly safe and monitored environment gives your pets a chance to adapt to an entirely new environment and become a part of the pack without feeling any kind of pressure whatsoever. In order to avoid any mishap, we keep the smaller dogs and puppies in a separate group, in their own enclosed areas so that any type of bullying from relatively bigger and older guests can be kept at bay.

Dog owners can send their pets’ meals. We also provide pet meals on request. Once the dogs are done with their share of rigorous physical activities, we provide them brushing and grooming, while they are lazing around and waiting for their moms and dads to pick them up. We also provide a pick and drop facility for your pet, right from and to your doorstep.  We offer affordable dog boarding.  Call us for a quote!

Our extremely efficient and dog loving staff ensures that your pet receives the much deserved love and attention in your absence. So, stop looking elsewhere and get in touch with Sandlot K9 to give your pet a special treat. Call or email for the lowest price guarantee dog boarding training services.

Please call for custom packages and pricing.

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