Pitbull Training

Pit Bulls, unfortunately, are amongst the most misunderstood and dreaded animals in the US, thanks to its negative display in media as a creature from hell. No wonder why there are scores of myths attached to it such as it being uncontrollably violent, very unpredictable and extremely dangerous. However, after training scores of pit bulls at Sandlot K9 in a variety of areas such as obedience, agility and personal protection, we can assure you of the fact that there so called unpredictable and dangerous behavior is limited only to a handful of dogs, which is not limited to this breed only. It can, like other breeds, become a very loyal and sweet companion provided you know how to deal with it.  Call us to get a free consultation on pit bull training in Los Angeles.

Being originally bred as a fighting dog, pit bull requires special training so that you can make the community you are residing in safe for children, adults and other pets. We have created an advanced pit bull training program for your pet as well as you, so that you can learn to handle him under different circumstances and conditions. Our training sessions include a variety of methodologies to control your four legged friend such as:

  • Using positive reinforcement,
  • Establish dominance
  • Using a crate
  • Puppy training
  • Leash training
  • Off leash training
  • Socializing
  • Teaching the difference between friends and foes

We have also specialized in Pitbull Behavior Training. Call us to schedule a free evaluation:

  • Pitbull aggression towards other dogs
  • Dog aggression towards people
  • Dog park aggression
  • Leash pulling

So, waste no time and enroll yourself and your favorite pit bull in the Sandlot K9 Pit Bull Training Program to make it a great breed ambassador.

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